Tuesday, June 11, 2013

T minus 15 hours!  We hit the road tomorrow afternoon, and are very excited to present our work in NC and Baltimore!  Yes, we are kickin' it old-school, a la Merce Cunningham, only we have one passenger van and a minivan instead of the cool VW bus!

Looking forward to presenting my work.. and getting back to the city and taking classes.  For some of my dancers, this will be their first trip to either place.  Others go to NYC rather often to take classes and dance in workshops and intensives.  For all of them, though, this will be a real treat to perform, take classes, and attend performances while we are there!

If you are interested enough to read this, you are probably one of our biggest supporters, so help us SPREAD THE WORD and PACK THE THEATRES in NYC and Baltimore!  If you know anyone in the greater NYC area, tell them to come see us at Peridance (126 E. 13th St.) at 2pm on Sunday, June 16.  Those of you with friends and loved ones in the Baltimore/DC area, please tell ALL your friends, and have them come with you to see us perform at Baltimore Theatre Project (45 W. Preston St.) June 20-23.  (Thu, Fri & Sat @ 8pm; Sun @ 3pm)

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